Prevajanje in lektoriranjeSpeak Up has gained substantial expertise in the following fields:

– Automotive Industry
– Tourism
– Literature
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Technical Descriptions
– IT

These are just a few of the translation/interpretation areas.  Contact us for any type of translation services. We are confident that we can help.The timeline for the completion of translation services shall be agreed upon on an individual basis, in accordance with your requirements and our capacities.

We always meet agreed deadlines.

For text translation, the optimal is 5 cards (1 card = 1500 characters) per day. Even though we believe that for a high quality service it is always best to allow sufficient time, we always put our clients’ needs first.


Proofreading of already written texts is mainly applied before printing advertising materials, putting the texts on websites, etc.  Our editors for Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and foreign languages are at your disposal.


The following pricelist is for orientation purposes only. For detailed information, please call our phone number +386 41 986 501 or email your file to and we will prepare a non-binding quote with a special discount for you.

Knowing the importance of saving time, money, and energy, we always do our best to prepare the most and favourable quote for you.


General Texts*

Specific texts*

from Slovenian/Croatian into foreign language

25 €

27 €

from foreign language into Slovenian/Croatian

23 €

25 €


General Texts*

Specific texts*


6 €

8 €

Foreign language

10 €

12 €

*1500 characters without spaces

In case of urgent translations (more than 5 cards/day, the price is 40% higher)

*Our company is not liable to value added taxation.